Routes— Phoebe Di Tommaso

Firstly, introduce yourself; who you are, what you do and who you run with/for?

Hi, I'm Phoebe Di Tommaso. By day I manage a gym in Abbotsford - Field and Function, by night I am in bed ridiculously early. I'm a part of Hunter A + R!

How long have you been running and what is your main source of motivation?

I think mum and dad had us doing inter-club cross country every week from when we were about 10 years old, and then I've always used running as a form of cross-training. Thats a long time then.. 

Probably more 'seriously' (not serious, I try not to be too serious about much) let's say more 'focussed on running' in the last couple of years with actually following a training program and being consistent.

I would say my motivation comes from the people who i run with, all my friends, i think that's what gets me up and out the door. And the coffee at the end of the run.

Where do you live? Do you find yourself sticking to your local routes or exploring outside your area?

Abbotsford! Usually I stay local - being able to jump straight onto cap city trail and so close to the city is very idyllic. 

What is your go-to running route in/around Melbourne and why?

Depends on the day but either a city loop or 'the bridges' just next to the tan if we're doing a session, there is something about being out early in middle of city before the world wakes up that is magic. 

If you could pick one road or trail to run anywhere in the world, where would it be and is it somewhere you have run before?

Very hard question to answer, my favourite runs are ones in places i've never been before, and using that as a way to explore and discover new cities. That didn't answer the question, did it? 

Are you currently or do you have plans to train for any events in the future? If so, what and why?

Just about to commence training for my first full marathon (!) So everything crossed Melbourne Mara happens this year. Why? I mostly just enjoy the process and routine training, watching the progress and ticking off the sessions and working towards a goal.


 Photography— Riley Wolff


Up There Athletics – Routes— Phoebe Di Tommaso

Route 01— Abbotsford

Up There Athletics – Routes— Phoebe Di Tommaso

Route 02— Melbourne University

Up There Athletics – Routes— Phoebe Di Tommaso

Route 03— Yarra River

Route 04— Inner North

Photography— Riley Wolff